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Rainbow Tomato Seeds

Rainbow Tomato Seeds

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Garden to perfection with our Rainbow Tomato Seeds, which come in a variety of colourful colours. This set of 100 seeds is ideal for gardeners looking to produce a variety and flavorful tomato harvest.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Soil: Choose well-draining soil. Remove any stones or debris.
  2. Seed Preparation: Soak seeds at 40°C before transferring to cold water for 4-6 hours to boost germination.
  3. Planting: Sow in breathable soil, spacing 20-25 seeds per container.
  4. Thinning: Keep 1-3 robust seedlings per group.
  5. Covering: Use a plastic wrap or permeable cover with ventilation holes.
  6. Sunlight and Temperature: Place in direct sunlight at around 20°C.
  7. Transplanting: Move healthy seedlings to your garden for continued growth.

These Rainbow Tomato Seeds are not just a gardening project but a journey towards a colorful and flavorful bounty.

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