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Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seeds

Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seeds

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Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seeds can be grown to add both beauties to your garden and flavor to your recipes. This easy-to-grow plant thrives in most soil types and is suitable for both beginner and experienced gardeners.


  • Germination: 50 Days
  • Outdoors: Early spring, a few weeks before the last frost. Plant 1/2’ deep, 3-4” apart, thin 10-15” apart for large plants, less for smaller harvests.
  • Harvest: Remove outer leaves starting at 6”. Use the leaves and center ribs cooked or raw.
  • Tips: Plant every 14 days for continuous full plant harvest, use thinning or seed a heavy row for baby greens
  • Quantity: 50 Pieces/ Pack
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